The Mission

Stan Eure has received this music over the past 25 years. While there is no question it was divinely inspired he has sought God’s direction over where and how to share what he received.

After realizing the music told a story he knew it was a musical. At that time his children were young. Through the years he has looked for signs and opportunities to bring this show to life. Not a day went by he did not think about it. Many steps were needed. Stan could play the music on his piano. He could not write out the written notes nor compose vocal harmonies and write the parts for instruments. After years of false starts and aborted attempts Stan found the right person, Phil Hall from NYC, to get the piano and vocal parts on paper. Phil is a genius. He hand wrote every note onto music paper. From there it had to be arranged for singing and instruments and make recordings. God placed two people in his path for that. Rob Solberg and Jeff Nelson from Nashville were placed in Stan’s path.

The script had to be written. The amazing thing is God placed that person in his household. Remember, this all began when the kids were pre-teens. It turns out Jason grew up and went to school for film and business and became a gifted writer so he wrote the script. Jason also sings the opening number of the show, a very vocally difficult song. He had been in a touring rock band for a few years and was perfect for the part.

Our daughter, Lindsay, grew up performing in musical and ultimately pursued it professionally. She has enjoyed a career in various areas of the business including performing, directing, producing and teaching. Through the years she has given her input and guidance on elements of the show and music and how the business of theater works. Again, God had a plan!

We are ready to put the show on a stage to share with others. It is exciting to see the birth of this musical and see it finally acted and sung. We want to share what God has given Stan and look forward to bringing this message to all who will listen.

As with everything, one must crawl before they walk, and walk before they run. We encourage those who have a heart for this message to come alongside us and help us produce this show and take it to the nation and the world. Our “baby steps” will be seeking other church partners in the 7 cities of Hampton Roads to bring this message to their church.

We believe God has given us Second Coming The Rock Musical as an evangelical mission. We believe people will be saved. We believe people will be healed. We believe people will be impacted. We believe people will be delivered. We believe Jesus is coming back soon. Get Ready!

Our Future Vision

We believe that this music and message were divinely inspired. Stan Eure takes no credit for creating it but for being the vessel God used to share it. He has steadfastly moved forward to bring it to reality and now the time is upon us. The time is right!

Our first show will be in October 2022 (after having to cancel it twice due to the virus) at Christian Embassy International Church in Chesapeake, VA. After that we are seeking 7 other churches in our area to host this production. We are asking our singers, dancers, lighting, sound, directors, actors and choreographer to commit to those shows. These actors, dancers and staff give up many nights and weekends practicing and then performing this production. All donations received are used to fund the show. The generosity of God’s people will allow the show to grow to add sets, costumes and special effects and meet the potential the directors envision.

We believe that the Church family will enable this show to be shared locally then statewide and then nationally. With God’s blessing it will be possible as we are sharing His music and story. Please pray for the cast, crew, production team and the churches that host each show. Pray that this show will impact and bless all who see it. Pray God’s will! Amen!