The Music

The core of Second Coming the Rock Musical is, of course, the music! The show features twenty original songs that range from haunting a cappella choral pieces to Middle-Eastern flavored dance numbers to high-powered rock songs. We are in the process of casting the voices and producing the music in the recording studio. Until then, please enjoy a couple of arrangement demos recorded by co-writer/arranger Robert Solberg to give us a sneak peek at the Second Coming music.


Arrangement Demos


This is the attention-grabbing, sinister show opener. Imagine a dark theater and when the ominous lights come up, we see Lucifer standing outside Jesus’ tomb, reveling in his “victory” over the Son of God. He turns and begins singing to the audience.

We Will Praise Him

The stage lights come up on Heaven. Trumpets sound as the archangel Michael escorts Our Lord to the Throne of God. And then the celebration begins! The disciples and the angels break out in a lively dance, singing praises to The King.

Even Now

Peter has been imprisoned for preaching the gospel. Alone and in chains, in a dark, cold jail, he sings of his love and trust in Jesus. In the middle of his song, two angels come and free him from the chains and he gives thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness.